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"In just 6 weeks time, I was a changed person. No tiredness, No bloatedness and excellent sleep. Must have experience for anyone who is keen on holistic health."  


Ayurvedic consultation is your entry point to a new way of living.

Whether it is Chronic Inflammation, Joint pains, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress, Insomnia, Skin issues, Menopause, Chronic tiredness, Weight gain/loss, Autoimmune issues or a combination of these distressing you, Indian ayurvedic medicines can help you.

All the information and tools that is required for a meaningful & balanced life will be shared with you in this 60 minutes long session. You will be prescribed a diet based on your body type and a unique combination of "seven herbs" TM. The age old traditional technique of pulse reading to analyze your body type or Dosha imbalance is also part of the consultation. To book a direct consultation consultation click the link on the Home Page.

In ONLINE consultations you will be sent a prakruti analysis questionnaire prior to the consultation. To BOOK or find out more about ayurvedic consultation via SKYPE click the below button and send us a filled contact form with name, email ID, contact number, location and presenting complaint(s).

Ayurvedic  Consultation: Services
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