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Holding hands to wellbeing


The principles of Vedic life is to life not only in harmony with nature, but also to learn and make sure that our impact on the environment around is always positive. This goes one step beyond the new concepts of reducing carbon foot prints to incorporate a lifestyle that would add oxygen foot prints to nature. The core topics of Vedic Life

Coaching will be on topics

1) Natural and sustainable diet

2) Purpose based food

3) Holistic Hygiene

4) Spiritual fitness

5) Mindful living

6) Vedic time management

7) Relationship nutrition

8) Practical detachment

9) Breath and exercise

There will be 2 to 6 hours of one to one session on each of these topics followed by various practical applications and outcome tests. You should be able to just commit 2 hours of your time each week for at least a year to do this life coaching. To know more about this program click on the below button and send us your contact details.

Vedic LIfe Coaching: Services
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