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Corona Update and my immune boosting self care routine

Many of my patients have shared concerns about the Coronavirus and asked how Ayurveda can protect their immunity in this situation. I have not found a new Ayurvedic treatment for the Coronavirus. This post is not about that.

It’s evident from the statistics available from China that most infected people overcome the illness and experience it like the regular flu. The media is reporting it as a major ailment but in reality, it can be compared to other health issues, such as flu, a similarly minor disease, having a major worldwide outbreak. The risk is minimal for anyone who is not coming into direct face-to-face contact with the virus.

My Ayurveda for Immunity Routine

Below are some general recommendations I’m personally following to keep my immunity in good shape.

I am:

  • Starting my day with Holy basil or Tulsi (3 drops), Long pepper or Pippali (2 pieces) and ginger tea (1 small piece crushed) to strengthen and cleanse the upper respiratory tract.

  • Using Turmeric and Black pepper abundantly in my daily meals.

  • Avoiding consuming any raw fish, sushi and cold meats (fire is the best disinfectant!)

  • Also taking Amla fruit powder daily (1 tsp with hot water) at bedtime to supply extra antioxidants and strengthen my immunity.

Also, drink plenty of warm water. Staying well hydrated will keep your throat and mucous membrane moist and supports its action as a good barrier to all microbes.

While only a little is known about this virus and there is no evidence for effective treatment methods, Ayurveda might be able to reduce your risk factors and boost your immunity effectively.

Follow Public Health England’s guidelines, maintain good personal hygiene, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables and be stress-free.

Everything’s going to be fine.

Note- Thanks to worldwide lockdown we save time on daily commuting and is burning much less fossil fuels. It's like our world is enjoying a well deserved detox. Why not take this time to reset your diet and lifestyle and build-up a healthy ayurvedic routine? If you are suffering from any chronic health issues, there might be natural remedies to support and heal you quicker. Email for guidance or to book a video consultation appointment.

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