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My Ayurvedic Pantry

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The Ayurvedic pantry is all the basic ingredients you need to start cooking Ayurveda based meals in your regular food menu. Local foods, fresh from the farm or garden are at the core of the ayurvedic diet, but these are not the only ones you can use in Ayurveda. As the science spreads worldwide, using local vegetables and produce with healing and flavourful spices is the true way forward.

The following Ayurvedic pantry list sets out all the ingredients you need to stock in the cupboard ready to accompany and complement your meals. Most

of the ingredients are available at local supermarkets, but you could also try local Asian shops. You may also find exotic fruits and vegetables to try from these shops.

Keep variety in your food choices. Try not to repeat the same ingredients daily, especially if it is a processed food like bread, even unprocessed like eggs. The variety of ingredients will help you get a better range of nutrients than repeating the same ones. Try to do an online questionnaire or meet with your local ayurvedic doctor to understand your body type and imbalances.

Personalized eating according to one's own body nature is also equally important as eating locally or based on the season in Ayurveda. When you start any new diet or variation always maintain a food diary for the first 3 weeks to observe the effects of new ingredients on your digestion, bowel habits, and sleep. If you haven't noticed the pattern in your digestion according to your body type, once you start journaling it will start to reveal itself in most cases. Below is a list with links embedded into them to find them online.










Aloe vera powder


instead of chocolate


instead of coffee

Coconut sugar



Neem Oil

Sesame Oil


Date Syrup


Apple cider


Star Anise

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Pippali (Long pepper)


Sesame seeds

*All the links are from UK supplier and may deliver to other countries. Check directly with supplier.

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