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The Holistic View on Metabolism

An article commenting on recent news of Chimera Man in Nevada.

Chris Long of Nevada had a life saving bone marrow transplant. After four years of the transplant, his curious colleagues did a DNA test on his body cells to find very interesting discovery. These finding has a long standing impact on forensic criminology which resulted in it being presented in a International Forensic Science conference in Nevada making it a sensational news.

The findings were these

a) The DNA of some of his skin and mucous membrane cells were from the DONOR of the bone marrow.

b) DNA in his blood cells were majorly from the DONOR which is how it should be.

c) The most astounding finding was that the DNA of all his sperm cells were from the DONOR

There are definitely ethical implication and paternity related questions that comes up from this finding. But from an ayurvedic doctor's point of view, the process of metabolism now makes more sense.

The metabolism in ayurveda considers the logic that the conversion of food into energy and various body tissues is not by breaking it down simply to certain micronutrients and later build into random tissues. Ayurveda considers a pathway of metabolism in which

RASA (nutrients from food) nourishes RAKTA (blood tissues and components) then RAKTA nourishes MAMSA (muscle tissue from protein in blood) then MEDAS (adipose tissues) then MAJJA (bone marrow! and Nerve tissues which is mostly made up of fat) ultimately nourishing the SUKRA (ovum or sperm cells). I'm fascinated by the finding that bone marrow replacement can lead to sperm cells with the DNA of the DONOR alone, whereas all other cells were a mix. It's not that the concept in ayurveda was waiting for it to be validated by a scientific finding, It's how many concepts of traditional medicine reveals on to us naturally with time and how we consider these as absurd until we find validation elsewhere.

Please see the article link below from Independent Newspaper and I welcome any comments on this finding.

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